Animal Abuse and the Connection to School Shootings | Episode 40

Statistics show a strong correlation between animal abuse and the perpetration of violence on humans. Both of the teens involved in the Buffalo and Uvalde massacres, for example, had previously tortured and killed cats, with the latter assailant even boasting about it on social media.

Wayne Pacelle, founder and president of Animal Wellness Action, calls a history of animal abuse "the reddest of red flags" when it comes to identifying teens and young adults who may one day walk into a crowded building or school and begin killing people.

He and special guest Steve Dale, a noted writer and speaker on animal issues, talk about this connection and argue that now more than ever, it's time for Congress to pass the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act.

Joseph Grove is the host.


Music from "Fearless First" by Kevin MacLeod (; License: CC BY (
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