Wild Horses and their Mishandling by the BLM | Episode 39

When it comes to telling the truth about wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management comes up short. Leadership there seems determine to subjugate the well-being of the U.S.'s most iconic animal to the interests of cattle ranchers and sheep farmers.

Scott Beckstead, our director of campaigns, and Vickery Eckhoff, an investigative journalist who writes on western public land issues and politics and government disinformation, are the guests. They address our western native equine populations and how they are suffering so that Big Ag can have cheap access to public grazing lands. It's an issue that should incense anyone who cares about horses and who resents the triumph of corporate greed over the interests of the innocent and helpless.

Marty Irby, executive director of Animal Wellness Action, kicks the show off with an update on our work to modernize the FDA, ban the private ownership of big cats from private ownership and eliminate the incredible COVID risk to humans that is mink farming.

Joseph Grove is the host.

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